Jake Parker – Minimum Viable Story

I’m putting this here so I don’t lose it, but also because Google Keep doesn’t let me embed a video.

This is an approach I’d already come to myself, but Jake makes some amazing points. I’ve been baby-stepping my way up the complexity ladder and getting my “sea legs” under me for a while. I also think that this can be achieved with a longer story if it is broken up into scenes.


Idea Capture – Spark of an idea. First impressions of what this could be.
Validation – Something presentable: character designs, concept art, something that captures the essence of the idea. Plus brief synopsis.
Development – Start plotting. Nail down conflict and resolution. Story beats. Character arcs. World-building purely based on the needs of the story. Write your story. Some concept art. Designs.
Creation – Start knocking out finished pages. Save some world-building for this step so it remains fresh. Finished story by end of this stage.
Shipping – Get your finished story out there.
Post Mortem – Evaluate how things went. How will you improve for the next one?

Rinse and repeat for bigger, more involved stories.