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Pearson Higher Education Services

Director of Content and Multimedia Development for Course Design, Development, and Academic Research (CDDAR)

“Craig Gunderson specializes in strategic online learning content deployment and coaches developers and their managers through content creation and implementation challenges. Craig’s 12+ years in the online education industry have resulted in a diverse background in building multimedia learning objects, web-­interactivity best practices, graphics creation, LMS expertise, and learning design theory.”

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Thirsty Bastards

A beer and adult beverage culture site curated by myself and Josh Hastert

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RSS Bryce Chisholm and the Beer Labels of Revision Brewing

  • Bryce Chisholm and the Beer Labels of Revision Brewing
    The only thing I know about Sparks, Nevada is what I’ve seen recently on I Am The Night. It’s no surprise that their beer doesn’t make it here to Chicago. If it did, labels like Mindful Fermentation, with the rainbow palette of Bryce Chisholm would jump off the shelves, both visually and literally. Which is […]
  • Emily Boyd and the Beer Labels of Oddstory Brewing
    We're super honored to interview the artist behind the winning label of our Top Ten Beer Labels of 2018 - Emily Boyd! Oddstory Brewing's beers would throw down some serious competition for eyeballs on the shelves here in Chicago!

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Hard Cheap Knock

Comics, parody, art, and gut-busting humor. Collaboration project with Dave Janicek and Matthew Langland.

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RSS Quigley & McClane in “Get Golden”

  • Quigley & McClane in “Get Golden”
    Grey Burger presents Golden Cheesecake Nuggets. Cheesecake nuggets deep fried to golden perfection, served with your choice of dipping sauce: Probing Pistachio©, Venusian Vessel Vanilla©, or Grey Sauce©.
  • Billy Joel didn’t start the fire but…
      … he sure as hell made me stop listening to music after this masterpiece. In 1989 an unknown young Billie Joel released a song named We didn’t start the Fire. And it wasn’t until last Tuesday that I realized that this song was perfect. I mean a song to end all songs. This masterful […]
  • My year in review
    As every year passes we all reflect on what we have done and accomplished. The ups and downs of another 12 months in the books. What we did well. What we could of done better. Our successes and failures. The friends you made. The lovers you have loved. A chance to prepare for the future […]