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Pearson Higher Education Services

Director of Content and Multimedia Development for Course Design, Development, and Academic Research (CDDAR)

“Craig Gunderson specializes in strategic online learning content deployment and coaches developers and their managers through content creation and implementation challenges. Craig’s 12+ years in the online education industry have resulted in a diverse background in building multimedia learning objects, web-­interactivity best practices, graphics creation, LMS expertise, and learning design theory.”

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Thirsty Bastards

A beer and adult beverage culture site curated by myself and Josh Hastert

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  • Surviving Dark Lord Day – A Thirsty Bastards Journal
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to attend 3 Floyds Dark Lord Day (Link to the 3 Floyds website) in picturesque Munster, IN? If you don’t live in the Chicago vicinity, it can seem like a magical wonderland where your wildest beer dreams come true The truth of the matter is, IT IS! I’ve never […]
  • The Definitive Thirsty Bastards Guide to Getting Started Homebrewing
    Everyone starts somewhere. By its very nature, homebrewing is an amateur niche. If you’re a denizen of the internet and you’ve done even a little research, you’re either a trigger pull away from brewing today or so scared you want to switch to Malort for the rest of your life. Luckily, Thirsty Bastards has you […]

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Hard Cheap Knock

Comics, parody, art, and gut-busting humor. Collaboration project with Dave Janicek and Matthew Langland.

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  • Did I Tell You About This Guy He Put Cheese On His Face?
    This guy he put cheese on his face.
  • Neal’s Corner #4 – Concert Game
    Hiiiiiiii. I’m Neal McDoogin. Spell it anyway you waaant just don’t call me laaate for ketchup thursdays. Esmowa. That was a joke. Welcome to my fourth Neal’s Corner. Enough chiiiiit chaaaat. So NEal McDoogin play amaaaazing concerts I have seen game as seen on the faaaaacebook applicaaaation. The rules are siiiiiimple. I have seen 1 of theeeeeese concerts. […]
  • D-O-M-S-O-W-Y-T-D-B-L-L April Update!
    Holy catbutt people. It’s the new year! And now it is April. It’s an exciting time we are living in no? And of course we’re talking about the Draw or Make Something of What You Think Dirk Benedict Looks Like contest. Or D-O-M-S-O-W-Y-T-D-B-L-L  for idiots! As of today you only have 88 days left to enter. So hurry up dirkheads™!  See link […]