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Pearson Higher Education Services

Director of Content and Multimedia Development for Course Design, Development, and Academic Research (CDDAR)

“Craig Gunderson specializes in strategic online learning content deployment and coaches developers and their managers through content creation and implementation challenges. Craig’s 12+ years in the online education industry have resulted in a diverse background in building multimedia learning objects, web-­interactivity best practices, graphics creation, LMS expertise, and learning design theory.”

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Thirsty Bastards

A beer and adult beverage culture site curated by myself and Josh Hastert

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  • The Tragedy of Blondes – Blonde Ale Labels
    A lot has been said about sexist beer labels in the last few years. Considering who our president is, expect things to get worse before they get better. What’s genuinely surprising is how creatively bankrupt these labels can be. Simply put, if you think you are being creative by putting a scantily-clad blonde woman on the […]
  • Hired Guns Creative and the Beer Labels of Driftwood Brewing
    I first became aware of the work of Hired Guns Creative back in 2015 when I featured their pumpkin beer label from Longwood Brewing in our “Best Of…” post. Since then, we’ve played Twitter tag with Hired Guns on a few occasions, especially when a new label masterpiece hits the shelves. Leif Miltenberger was kind enough […]

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Hard Cheap Knock

Comics, parody, art, and gut-busting humor. Collaboration project with Dave Janicek and Matthew Langland.

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  • NIU Janitor Reference Chart
    Back in the sweet early 90’s, as they call them, Northern Illinois University was the home to 3 unique janitors or for PC folks – custodians of filthy deeds. The threesome existed over a 4 year span at the Art Building where the HardCheapKnock gang developed and grew testes. They never overlapped shifts nor been […]
  • Hard Cheap Knock’s Asswipe Showdown
    In the war for a clean butt, there are as many weapons as stars in the sky. Maybe you’ve tried a few. Maybe you’ve suffered, as we all have, the dreaded “poke-through”, only to give up your search. Perhaps you’ve found that One Asswipe that you think works best. Judd Hirsch would have you believe […]
  • Neal’s Corner #5 – Safe Eclipse Viewing Tips
    Hiiiiiiii. I’m Neal McDoogin. Spell it anyway you waaant just don’t call me laaate for wet willie wednesdays. Esmowa. That was a joke. Welcome to my fifth Neal’s Corner. They said I wouldn’t live long enough to see #5 let alone the birth of my beautiful wife Mary. Anyway enough chiiiiit chaaaat. So NEal McDoogin want to […]