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Pearson Higher Education Services

Director of Content and Multimedia Development for North American Higher Ed Services.

“Craig Gunderson specializes in strategic online learning content deployment and coaches developers and their managers through content creation and implementation challenges. Craig’s 12+ years in the online education industry have resulted in a diverse background in building multimedia learning objects, web-­interactivity best practices, graphics creation, LMS expertise, and learning design theory.”

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Thirsty Bastards

A beer and adult beverage culture site curated by myself and Josh Hastert

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  • What The Heck Are Collaboration Beers?
    When brewers/breweries partner with one another to create a beer together, marrying the ideas from two different businesses and/or individuals, a “collaboration beer” is born.
  • Steve Kitchen and the Beer Labels of Parallel 49 Brewing
    “I started by pitching a set of 6 designs at the brewery owners with the idea that, as each beer had character, each beer WAS a character... Those design decisions still live on today and hopefully make a Parallel 49 beer recognizable on shelf with even the quickest of glances.”

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Hard Cheap Knock

Comics, parody, art, and gut-busting humor. Collaboration project with Dave Janicek, Matthew Langland, Mikel Samson, and Nick Wetmore.

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  • It’s no mystery who brought in the donuts! We’ve all seen your IG feed, Tiffany!
    Every week, it's the same old story. Friday rolls around and look who brought in donuts! In case no one has ever told you, Tiffany from Marketing, bringing in donuts and then only taking half of one (and thereby leaving the other half for someone else to not enjoy) is STILL eating donuts.
  • so that’s not boba fett? poppy cock!
    Ok it has been a while since I have gotten angry about something. Maybe the last time was when I sued Popeyes for not having the sandwich I wanted. Shaved chicken role, cucumber and mustard. How hard is that??? Any ways I come to you today with a beef of immense importance and dignity. Sorry […]
  • Fun & Games: The HCK Matching Game
    There's a crazy game we're playin' And, of course, it features Satch It's got characters you love so much And you got to find a match